Prince Edward Island-North Cape

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s hidden treasure located on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This is no ordinary island; known for it’s red sandy beaches, light houses, beautiful farmlands, lush rolling green gables and plenty of appetizing seafood.

Prince Edward Island is about the size of the state of Delaware and is divided up into five scenic regions; North Cape Coastal Drive, Green Gables Shore, Red Sands Shore, Charlottetown, and Points East Coastal Drive.

Traveling to Prince Edward Island or more commonly referred to as P.E.I. was an unexpected trip for me. I was visiting the city of  Saint John and had always heard how stunning Prince Edward Island was. I decided to to see for myself and made the 3.5 hour journey to the island.  Since I only had one day to explore, I made the most of my time by touring the North Cape Region, which is absolutely  picturesque.

Prince Edward Island has two routes of accessibility which both cost a fee. One way is to take the ferry from Nova Scotia or you can drive from New Brunswick using the Confederation Bridge. Since I drove, my route led me across the 8 mile Confederation Bridge.

When you exit the bridge you will arrive at the Gateway Village in Borden-Carlton.  My attention was immediately directed at the flags flying of the 13 Provinces of Canada.



At the Gateway Village I made a pit stop at the visitor center, which has an abundance of information and maps of the island. Also Gateway Village has a variety of shops to explore as well as restaurants to dine at. Nearby the village is a large PEI sign made of flowers that is favorite spot for pictures.

To the right of the Confederation bridge is a small park with a lighthouse. This is an idea spot to enjoy a picnic.

With maps in my hand I began my adventure along the North Cape. The first thing I noticed was all the lush green crop fields. Farming is one of the main industries on the island; primarily potatoes. I never thought I would be amazed at the beauty of potato fields but they are an incredible sight to see.

The restaurants on P.E.I. are very generous with their serving of French fries. They were some of the best I have ever tasted, even better than McDonald’s!

Soon, I arrived on the shores of the Northumberland Straight where West Point Lighthouse is located. This is a unique lighthouse with its black and white stripes since most lighthouses in Canada are trimmed in red.

I eventually made my way to the beaches of the Gulf of St. Lawrence at Cape Tyron and Cousins Shore. It is a beautiful coastline with its contrasting red sand and green pebbles lining the beach. To my surprise the water was very warm. I was told in the summer the gulf is usually 70 degrees.

My favorite part of the beach was the view of the rolling green hills overlooking the tranquil gulf.

North Cape countryside is also filled with rustic charm.

You will also see plenty of fishing boats and lobster traps on the island.

It also seemed like every neighborhood had its own Church of Canada.

People also take great pride in the fishing industry by decorating their homes with fishing lures.

Before I arrived to Prince Edward I thought I would be able to see the majority of the island. I quickly found out, that was not possible. The main roads are limited on the island and access to many coastal sites take time driving to them. To enjoy each region of the island you should set aside at least an entire day or more for each area. Just remember there is a toll to pay to visit P.E.I, and the fee isn’t paid until you are leaving the island, about $50.00 Canadian dollars. What ever coastline you decide to visit I know you will have a great time, the people are friendly and the island is surrounded with exquisite countryside. I can’t wait to visit again via the ferry from Nova Scotia and explore the other half of the island. Have a safe trip!


Bridget Jackson

Hi my name is Bridget, as you can tell I enjoy traveling. My love of traveling began when I was a small child as we vacationed to new destinations each year. When I visit a new place I always try to stay away from tourist traps and see the area as the locals do. In my blogs I try to provide travel tips to make your vacation enjoyable. Always follow your dreams, travel as much as possible and feed your mind by exploring the world!

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