Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights- A Magical Wonderland

The Fantasy in Lights can be viewed by taking the trolley or driving along the path in your car. Admission for entry is for each individual and is the same price if you travel by car or trolley. If you pay ahead online you are able to pick the time you wish to view the show. Depending on the weather and how chilly it is outside, I think the trolley ride is the best way to observe the lights. This will ensure that everyone will have the ability to see all the displays. One downfall about riding in a car is you will be going at the pace of the line of cars in front of you. If you decide to take your time looking at all the scenery, the car behind you may become anxious at your slow pace.

The show consist of 15 dazzling light displays that are unique with their own theme. Music accompanies each theme and some scenes are even animated. My pictures are only a small glimpse of the endless array of extravagant light displays that you will encounter.

Christmas Tree Lane

March of the Toy Soldiers

Enchanted Rainbow Forest- this theme uses 400 illuminated images to portray the seasons changing throughout the year. This was my favorite scene along the trail with the blanket of lights draping the sky.  It was mesmerizing!

Firefly Cove- Who doesn’t like butterflies and dragonflies.

Santa’s Workshop

The 12 Days of Christmas which has a different display for each of the 12 days.

Snowflake Valley-another beautiful theme that has a sea of lights dangling from the sky.

Magical Christmas Garden- which has the beautiful large bow archway (my cover picture) 

Skating Party


Now I highly suggest maximizing your trip to Callaway Gardens by spending the day there too. Callaway Gardens is located in Pine Mountain Georgia, which is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Near the gardens is a lookout point with a breathtaking view of the mountains.

Callaway Gardens is a beautiful place to vacation any time of year but when the Fantasy in Lights begins this is my favorite time to visit the area. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the impressive gardens during the day and at night, the thrilling luminous show. During this time you will also be able to experience several hiking trails where all the tree leaves are changing into vivid colors of reds, yellow and orange.

A ticket to the Fantasy in Lights also gains you entrance into the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center. The Butterfly conservatory has over 1,000 butterflies fluttering around. It is a serene feeling to walk among an array of colorful butterflies of different shapes and sizes flying around you.

I was lucky enough to have a butterfly land on my finger, being able to appreciate this gentle species up close and personal was an incredible experience.

There is also a viewing area where you can see the butterflies in their cocoons and if you observe them long enough you will get the opportunity to see a butterfly hatch before your eyes.


Fantasy in Lights is a southern adventure that you will want to add to your event calendar. It begins mid November and last through January 6 providing ample opportunities to see the display of lights.  There isn’t too many places that you will see 8 million lights for the fraction of the cost of going to a major theme park. Enjoy the  show just make sure you bring a camera and a blanket.


Bridget Jackson

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