Bay of Fundy leads to the Majestic Hopewell Rocks

The Province of New Brunswick Canada is home to Bay of Fundy known for the highest tides in the world. The Bay of Fundy is also one of the seven Natural Wonders of North America. I couldn’t agree more, with its scenic coastlines that are lined with rugged cliffs that have been delicately carved over constant years by the ever changing of the tides. Most importantly, Bay of Fundy is home to the spectacular Hopewell Rocks; which I consider to be magical wonderland.


The Bay of Fundy tides are the highest in the world due to a combination of extraordinary factors; resonance and the shape of the bay. A truly unique phenomenon when you take into fact that the Bay of Fundy is a perfect match to the gravitational cycle of the Moon; which causes the tides.

Bay of Fundy


Although I only had one full day to explore this area I made the most of every minute taking in the beauty of the landscape.  I began my journey at Fundy Trail a 6,323 acre park that hugs the coastline of New Brunswick with spectacular views of the Bay of Fundy. I chose to take the auto parkway route that is 11 miles (16 km) of dramatic sculpted coastlines. On the trail there are several scenic lookouts with beautiful panorama views. Also on the trail, I was pleasantly surprised too see charming covered bridges.

On my trip along the Fundy Trail I stumbled across St. Martins (6m/10km from trail entrance). St. Martins is a historic traditional fishing village that is 1 hour away from Saint John. This quaint village is the heart of Bay of Fundy, where the tides dictate the day. The harbour is filled with colorful fishing boats that stand still in the sand during low tide; it’s truly an incredible site. I eagerly stopped along the pebble beach to explore the Sea Caves. The Sea Caves can best be seen by kayak or foot depending on the tide. If the tides are low and you decide to walk to the caves wear a water shoe because the beach and sea floor consist of pebbles. The visitor center of St. Martins is the original lighthouse to the area and worth seeing there is also a unique covered bridge nearby too.


When I left St. Martins I was greeted by another enchanting town; Alma.  Alma is a fishing village where the industry is lobster and scallops. So naturally I had to stop at a local restaurant; Alma Lobster Shop; where I enjoyed fresh cooked lobster sitting at a picnic table overlooking the shores of Bay of Fundy. It was a fascinating view with fantastic food.


Next stop was at Hopewell Cape the origin of the Hopewell Rocks.  Admission into the Hopewell Rocks is good for two consecutive days ensuring everyone has the opportunity to experience high tide and low tide. Its possible to see the tide change in one day because the time span between low and high tide is approximately six hours per tide.  When the tide is high it can reach up to 4 stories high which makes it possible to kayak around the rock formations. If you plan your trip according to the tide charts you can observe the Hopewell Rocks at both high and low tide in the same day. The tidal chart I used was, but tidal chart are also easily accessible in the area. I also enjoyed the Interpretive Centre where I learned about the ecosystem and the influences on the tides. In addition, there was information on the geology of the Bay of Fundy, as well as the birds and whales around the Bay.


My original plan was to kayak around the rocks in the morning and come back late afternoon and walk the bottom of the same ocean floor. With all vacations, time was ticking, so I settled for walking on  the ocean floor at low tide. I must admit it was an extraordinary experience. Although the weather was balmy and lightly raining, I trudged through the mud enjoying all the breathtaking picturesque scenery the Hopewell Rocks had to offer. It was an amazing feeling to look at magnificent rocks that had been carved by melting glaciers and further sculpted by erosion from thousands of years of the changing tides.


During the low tide you can walk the beach and explore caves topped with trees and shrubbery in red rocks shaped with trees growing from top, thus having the nickname “Flower Pots”. As you walk around you will find it hard to pick out your favorite “Flower Pot”. Prepare to have a camera available because I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the “flower pots”; don’t forget to get a picture of famous Lovers Arch. If you are unable to walk down to the rocks there are plenty of observation decks above to view the splendor of the Hopewell Rocks.


The rocks are nicknamed “Flower Pots” since trees and shrubbery are growing from the top of the rocks that gives it the appearance of a plant growing in a red clay flower pot. I have never seen trees growing from the tops of rocks, nature is a magnificent artist! One tip if you decide to walk the ocean floor make sure you wear shoes that can get muddy, rain boots would be best then you can explore with relative ease. If you don’t have mud shoes have an extra pair to change after your adventure, because they will get dirty if you go exploring!



My trip to the Bay of Fundy was an unforgettable trip. I have never walked on the ocean floor without wearing scuba gear, so strolling the seabed of the Hopewell Rocks in my rain goulashes was a once in a lifetime memory I will always cherish. Seeing boats floating in the water in the morning and later that evening standing upright in the mud was also an amazing sight. The tides of Bay of Fundy  is an incredible act of nature that is an experience that I think everyone will appreciate. The Bay of Fundy can be seen by car, boat, foot, or bicycle whatever method you choose to explore I know you will be in awe throughout your journey. My one advice, make sure you have a camera ready to take all those postcard pictures. I had a fantastic adventure visiting the Bay of Fundy and I know you will too!! Safe Travels!

Bridget Jackson

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